What should I do for WordPress website speed optimization?

what is website speed optimization?

What Does Speed Optimization for WordPress Mean?

  • decreasing the total size of the HTML code by removing unnecessary information from it (CSS and JS files can be combined, for example).
  • Minimizing HTTP requests by using a Content Delivery Network (CDN), optimizing images, combining CSS and JS files, as well as minimizing DOM queries
  • Avoiding browser rendering blocking by deferring scripts
  • Using compression on your servers allows better compatibility with old browsers.

How to Speed Up Your WordPress Site

1. Run performance tests:

2. Ask Your Cloud Hosting Provider

3. Install an Effective Caching Plugin

4. latest version of PHP

5. A lightweight theme

6. Compress Media Files

7. lazy loading your content

8. Optimize Your WordPress site’s Homepage

9. Update Update Update

10. CSS and JavaScript file sizes

11. WordPress Database

12. Avoid redirects

13. CDN



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